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Services for Businesses

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Corporate clients can take advantage of:

  • Helpline advice: call us whenever you have a difficult employee problem. We will advise you on the most commercial approach, guide you through meetings and draft letters for you.
  • Employment tribunal defence: we will take the aggro out of tribunal claims for you, preparing all documentation, writing to the tribunal for you, negotiating any settlement deal, representing you in the tribunal.
  • Support with redundancies, disciplinaries and grievances: avoid making costly mistakes by getting step by step guidance on handling delicate employee issues.
  • Advice and policies for data protection compliance with GDPR for business staff.
  • Employment contracts, policies and procedures: we can audit your current documents and prepare new ones for you to use, including directors service agreements, employee handbooks and disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Practical support with TUPE transfers.
  • Risk management: our advice will help you minimise the risk of employment tribunal claims.
  • Training: we can provide training in your workplace to help you avoid claims and liability. Talk to us about any training needs.

Services for Businesses. jill-kelly-fw

Jill Kelly, your specialist Employment Law Solicitor

“It's undoubtable that Jill is at the top of her game. What I particularly like is that Jill has the unique ability to take a practical approach, considers all angles and has the knack of making a complex legal matter seem less complex. Jill’s passion for what she does and her high level of client-engagement are exemplary. She is on my list of people who have inspired me!”

“We appreciate the fact that Jill is accessible and always efficient with her comprehensive responses. As a part-time HR Manager, I value the fact that Jill will go the extra mile to work within my deadlines. Jill offers advice that is clear, concise and most importantly practical. I have no doubt she would be an asset to any client and I can highly recommend the services of Employment Law Plus.”

“I feel very fortunate to have found Jill to help us. Her service was excellent. She quickly grasped our situation and provided clear advice which resulted in us quickly and cost effectively resolving our problem. I highly recommend her.”

“I am very pleased to have started working with Jill Kelly. She shows an understanding of our business and has a commercial approach. She is responsive and easy to deal with. I would certainly recommend her to other employers.”

Employment Law Updates

We produce a periodic e-newsletter for employers aimed at giving you pragmatic and relevant updates and information.


South Oxon HR Forum

Business managers will be very welcome at the South Oxon HR Forum, whether or nor they are currently our clients.


Services for Businesses. construction-sw

We can provide training to managers on key employment law areas to avoid employment tribunal claims, like discrimination.

Discrimination and How to Avoid it in your Workplace

This is our course aimed at line managers. Providing this training to managers will help the company to defend discrimination tribunal claims through the “all reasonable steps” defence.

The aims of the course are to:

  • Provide general awareness of unlawful discrimination in the workplace
  • Give understanding of how unintended harassment can occur
  • Promote buy in to the company process of taking all reasonable steps to avoid workplace discrimination
  • Raise awareness of the company’s relevant procedures
  • Draw attention to discrimination pitfalls
  • Consider the duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabilities and when it kicks in
  • Provide an opportunity to explore handling potentially discriminatory situations
  • Look at the challenges of social media
  • Contribute to the company’s “all reasonable steps defence” for discrimination claims

Feedback from managers who have attended the course:

  • “very informative. A lot of ground covered in a short time frame. Good atmosphere and group working opportunities”
  • “exceeded expectations”
  • “a very informative, constructive session. Lots of new “learns” to take away”

The formal training is over 4-5 hours and the suggested timing is to start at 10.00am and finish at 4.00pm, allowing for breaks.

Regulatory information

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